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0800 Calls

0800 calls are free from UK landlines. They are often chargeable from mobiles and require the caller to drop the first zero, so our number would become 800 098 8079. A better option is the 0333 number.

0333 Calls

0333 calls are national rate numbers, equivalent to 01 or 02 numbers. They are typically free from mobiles as they are included within call plan minutes. This means that it will cost no more than dialling a Leeds or London number.

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Voiceover Mics

Voiceover Microphone PictureRadio/voiceover mics are designed to be by mounted on a stand so that the mic can be angled towards the broadcaster/announcer. These mics are designed to pick up sound from the end of the mic and are resistant to plosives without the need for a pop shield.


Related Alternatives

Large Diaphragm Studio Mics are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional end-addressed dynamic mics. These mics do require Phantom Power and a Pop Screen to be used effectively for this purpose.

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